Students and faculty with associates

On May 7, 2017, the physical therapy department of Life Care Center of Escondido, California, headed by Florante Noble, director of rehabilitation, and physical therapists Oliver Bartolay and Neil Catudio, hosted an educational field trip for Concorde College of San Diego as part of their wound class.


Twenty-four physical therapy assistant students, accompanied by two faculty members, visited the facility.


The two main objectives of the field trip were for the students to watch and learn for the first time about the Closed Pulse IrrigationTM for wound therapy and to familiarize themselves with some physical agent modalities, standardized tests, billing and documentation related to wound care management.


The students were divided into two groups. Each student was provided with handouts and given the chance to use the CPI. Physical agent modalities, such as electrical stimulation and short-wave diathermy, were also introduced for wound management. In addition, standardized tests such as the Semmes Weinstein Monofilament, PUSH Tool and Jensen-Bates tests were also discussed.


 “Thanks for the awesome in-service,” said one of the students. “I learned a lot.”


All the students and faculty members were very appreciative because this was their first time to see CPI, which they got to use in a therapy department specializing in wound management.


“I cannot thank you enough for allowing our students to benefit from your knowledge and expertise,” said the program director. “Your warm welcome of our students was truly touching. Our students work hard, and we are lucky to have you in our corner. The information you presented is aligned with our curriculum and (in addition) introduced topics that we will cover in class. Our partnership is only possible through your efforts. Thank you for demonstrating to all of us how to lead with grace and build relationships for the benefit of our students.”


At the end of the in-service, each student and faculty member was given a souvenir bag as a token of appreciation from Life Care Center of Escondido.

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