Testimonial by Laura Vasel, former rehab patient at Life Care Center of Escondido

My stay here at Life Care Center of Escondido, Calif., has been wonderful. I received very good care in all aspects. The staff members put everything together and coordinated my care.

I felt welcome and cared for. All my needs were met. The friendliness of all the staff members to me, and to one another, seemed very genuine, which helped my mood while recovering from bilateral knee joint replacement surgery and receiving rehab on both knees. Ouch! The associates were all very encouraging and proud of me and my progress.

I would highly recommend Life Care Center of Escondido as an excellent facility to use. I feel very well prepared, very well educated and confident returning to my home.

Thank you for such a positive, pleasant and professional experience when I was feeling my worst. I'm going home stronger and happy with my new "bionic" knees.

Testimonial by Dorothy Tandy, former patient at Life Care Center of Escondido

I am Dorothy Tandy, a previous rehab patient of Life Care Center of Escondido, Calif. I have come back a month later to tell these wonderful people what a fabulous institution they have.

I cannot name each person who took care of me, so I say every person in this place was helpful, and nothing was too much for them to do. They responded immediately to my call. My room was always spotless clean, and everyone was wonderful to me - I mean everyone, including my housekeeper, who mopped daily.

My therapy was fabulous, absolutely fabulous! I was someone who was half dead and only after three tries, therapy had me walking. I jump into bed